Sagamore PA coal coal mines

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2015 Sagamore picnic

Welcome to the Sagamore web page.

The History of a small coal mining town. I hope you enjoy.

 Sagamore,PA Located in Armstrong county.

Sagamore web page and why I started it.

In school I was never really into History. But when I bartended at the Sagamore hotel I heard a lot of stories from people. Some hard to believe but I heard them. There was one customer who came in often (Donk)Frank Koma. He told some stories that just got my attention. He said to me that someone need to get information on the town and put up some kind of poster or bulletin board to let people know what used to be here. I told him I would try to look into it for him. well some time past and didn't really get a chance to. One day he came in and he had a few newspaper articles of the town. This is where it all started. Sagamore,The worlds largest coal tipple at one time. The stores,movie theater,schools,Dr's office,Tennis court,Baseball fields and much more. this was not the town I was living in and didn't think it was ever like that. I really started looking into the history of the town and found all this to be true. I collected pictures everywhere from reproduction,calendars from Rural Valley bank, I even bought pictures and post cards on Ebay to just have them. When I started my first web page I had a guest book and the people who came to signed it and left a comment saying everything from they have been through the town, I lived there in the 30's,40's and so on. So the more people who signed and left comments the more I was wanting to add more pictures and info. I remember one remark from someone who lived here and they said they haven't lived here since 50's and it was nice to see the pictures because they could not make a trip here. So this is why I started looking into the history of Sagamore PA and as I always say. I am looking for new/old pics to add so if you have any please contact me and Ill get them added ASAP. Thank you for stopping by and please stop back to see the updated info.


I dedicate this web page to (Donk)Frank Koma. Thank you Donk for the stories.


I am always looking for new/old pictures of the coal mining town of Sagamore pa or surrounding areas. If anyone has any they would like to share and to have added on here,please e-mail me and Ill get them added ASAP. Also I love to hear the stories of the old town so if you would like to write a story about when you lived her or visited please send  and Ill get it on here too. I hope you enjoy the site. Please leave a comment and stop back now and then because I have a lot of pictures to add. Please dont forget to click the guest book at the top of the page to leave a comment.

Shawn Boarts Sr.


Please check out the Forum at the top of the page for a very interesting story

Haunted Sagamore Hotel


A LOT MORE PICTURES ADDED. Please sign the guest book at top of page before you leave and let me know what you think of the site.  Thank you

A special thanks to Harrison Wick from IUP(Special Collections Librarian and University Archivist) for the help on some pictures of Sagamore. Thank you.



At this time this site is free for the space that is being used.I will have to pay for this site soon after the free space is used up. Please anyone who wants to donate to keep the web page up and running please send donatins to:

Shawn Boarts Sr.

PO Box 3

Sagamore, PA 16250


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